Truck Mounted Crane

    1. SQ5 Max. lifting capacity(Kg): 5000
      Max. lifting moment(KN.m): 125
      Max. lifting range ability(mm): 10800
    1. SQ6.3 Max. lifting capacity(Kg): 6300
      Max. lifting moment(KN.m): 157
      Max. lifting range ability(mm): 13800
    1. SQ8 Max. lifting capacity(Kg): 8000
      Max. lifting moment(KN.m): 200
      Max. lifting range ability(mm): 15300
    1. SQ10 Max. lifting capacity(Kg): 10000
      Max. lifting moment(KN.m): 250
      Max. lifting range ability(mm): 15300
    1. SQ12 Max. lifting capacity(Kg): 12000
      Max. lifting moment(KN.m): 300
      Max. lifting range ability(mm): 17000
    1. SQ6.3Z3Q Max. lifting capacity(Kg): 6300
      Max. lifting moment(KN.m): 138
      Max. lifting range ability(mm): 12800

The truck mounted crane is a kind of heavy engineering equipment which employs a hydraulic lifting system and a telescopic system to achieve the lifting, rotation and transportation of goods. Our truck crane mainly consists of the truck chassis, cargo compartment, power takeoff, and the hoisting mechanism. We have straight boom cranes and folding boom cranes in tonnage of 2t, 3.2t, 5t, 6.3t, 8t, 10t, 12t and 16t for you to select. The chassis equipped to our truck mounted crane can be Dongfeng, Jiefang, Auman or Steyr chassis.

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