Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller

These mechanical single drum vibratory road rollers are heavy duty vibratory rollers mainly used in the construction of roadbeds and other foundations. They are usually used for compacting gravel, crushed stone, sand and gravel mixture, sandy soil, and more. These road building machines have become indispensable construction equipment for the construction of high class highways, railways, airports, harbors, dams, etc.

Our mechanical single drum vibratory road roller is designed with reliability, efficiency, fuel saving, safety and comfort in mind. This heavy equipment comes with an imported water cooled turbocharged diesel engine, which is both functional and efficient. The large fuel tank enables the engine to continuously operate for a long time. The linkage between engine throttle and clutch pedal results in lower fuel consumption. Mainly constructed of T type angular glasses, the roller cab is stylish and provides the operator with high visibility. The LCD instrument panel in the cab is adjustable to adapt to operators' different driving habits. In addition, our single drum vibratory road roller adopts special heavy duty gearbox or synchronous gearbox and drive axle with greater braking torque, which contributes to reliable braking performance. With a new vibratory unit, the roller utilizes drum bearing structure and combines vibration power with pressure for better compaction effect. Padfoot drum is available.

LSS214-3 mechanical single drum vibratory road roller is a medium sized road construction machine. Like the heavy duty vibratory roller, this product is primarily used for compaction of noncohesive materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sandy soil and other materials for base course and subbase layer in road engineering projects. It can also be used in many other projects where compaction is required.

1. The single drum vibratory road roller is equipped with a water cooled turbocharged diesel engine imported from UK, which can achieve long-term continuous operation due to the large fuel tank.
2. The vibration intensity can be adjusted by changing vibration amplitude and frequency, so as to accommodate to various soil and course depths.
3. The single drum vibratory roller adopts caliper disc service brake and band parking brake, which ensures equipment safety.
4. Hinged engine hood with safety lock can be completely opened. In addition, the vibrating pump and braking booster are located behind the engine. This greatly facilitates maintenance work.
5. Improvements are made upon the engine hood and cab for better shock absorption and sound insulation effects. This, coupled with vehicle audio device, helps offer the driver a more comfortable environment.

SINOMACH is a specialized mechanical single drum vibratory road roller manufacturer, based in China. Our products include paver finisher, crawler excavator, wheel loader, backhoe loader, among others.