Walk Behind Roller

With compact structure, small size and light weight, our walk behind rollers are the compaction equipment of choice for confined jobsite applications. To meet customers' different requirements, our rollers can be equipped with a variety of engines, such as Robin gasoline engine, Honda gasoline engine or Changfa engine. All of these engines offer low fuel consumption, low emission and good starting performance, which allow both electric starting and manual starting (except that YSZ07B roller engine only has manual recoil starter).

Our walk behind roller adopts double drum drive and vibration mode, which provides power and support you need to quickly perform compaction tasks without being affected by resistance. The rubber tires are responsible for steering. The hydraulic drive system uses Sauer small hydraulic pump and motor integrated unit.

At SINOMACH, our goal is provide easy to use construction equipment to our customers. This is why we constantly work to improve our walk behind roller to achieve this. The drum vibrations are controlled through an automatic turn on / off mechanism. The operating handle integrated with engine throttle and vibration controls makes operations simpler and more convenient. To ensure operator comfort, our YZC1 road roller is designed with a seat.

As a specialized walk behind roller manufacturer and supplier in China, SINOMACH also provides wheel loader, motor grader, crawler bulldozer, concrete mixing plant, and more.