Landfill Compactor

As a professional landfill equipment manufacturer in China, SINOMACH can provide a wide range of landfill compactors to our customers. Available product models include LLC228, LLC226, LLC223, LLC220 and LLC233H. Our landfill trash compactors are engineering equipment used to push, spread, pulverize, demolish and compact waste materials, which can help conserve land, protect the environment as well as prolong the service life of refuse landfill site. In addition, they can also be used for bulldozing and compaction operations in the construction of roads, dams, airports, etc. Quality built and reliable, our products have become one of the widely used landfill compactors on the market.

1. Our landfill compactors are equipped with Shangchai SC11CB255, SC8D200 engines or Cummins engine. These engines all offer high power output, great reliability, low operating cost, long life, and meet EuroⅡ emission standards. In addition, the ether starting system can successfully start engines at -45 ℃.
2. LLC228, LLC226, LL223 and LLC220 landfill compaction machines are fitted with torque converter and power gearshift transmission so as to accommodate the harsh working environment.
3. Every wheel of LLC233H trash compactor is independently driven by hydrostatic pressure.
4. The wear resistant teeth are well arranged. Two scraper bars and two wire cutters on four compaction wheels help prevent wires from wrapping around the wheels and keep them clean.
5. The drive axle is internally equipped with a NO-SPIN differential lock. The steering, lifting system uses SAUER load sensing piston pump, proportional valve, control handle, flow amplifier and steering gear.
6. The switches used in the electrical system of our landfill compactor are all Schneider products. The OPTIMA battery is maintenance free and can smoothly start up within 0.6 second at -40 ℃.
7. Our garbage compactor is designed with roll-over protective structure (ROPS), which affords some safety during equipment overturns.
8. Central parking brake and service brakes on the front and rear axles provide reliable, strong braking performance to ensure the safety when using LLC228, LLC226, LL223 and LLC220 landfill compaction equipment. The traveling brake of LLC233H landfill compactor is hydrostatic brake and each hub reducer is equipped with SAHR brake.
9. Infrared video monitoring system and backup buzzer allow our heavy equipment to be safely used in low light conditions.
10. Our landfill compacting machines offer a maximum gradeability of 100 % and high travel speed. Specifically, the maximum travel speed for LLC228 and LLC226 is 10.9 km/h, for LLC223 and LLC220 is 10 km/h, and for LLC233H is 8 km/h.
11. The fully enclosed cab has spacious interior, soundproof glass windows, air conditioning and ventilating device with air purifying function, which ensure comfortable work environment, thus making long work days more productive.

As a specialized landfill compactor manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide truck crane, crawler excavator, wheel loader, skid steer loader, and more.