ZG3235-9/ZG3235-9C Excavator

ZG3235-9/ZG3235-9C Crawler Excavator

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Our hydraulic crawler excavator is equipped with a reliable original Cummins engine.
2. It has a reliable hydraulic system that covers superior pumps, motor and valves.
3. The hydraulic excavator comes with an electronic monitoring and control system that offers multifunctional LCD display function.
4. With a stepped-up device, it suits use in mines.
5. The digger  is designed with strengthened X-shaped box structure.

Technical Parameters of ZG3235-9/ZG3235-9C Hydraulic Excavator
Product model ZG3235-9/ZG3235-9C
Length×Width×Height(mm) 9840×2980×3160
Operating weight(Kg) 23000
Rated bucket capacity(m3) 1.1
Max. digging depth(mm) 6920
Max. digging radius(mm) 10180
Max. digging height(mm) 9562
Max. digging force(KN) 159
Gradient capacity (%) 70
Diesel engine type Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C178
Rated output(KW) 133
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