CLD140 Bulldozer

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The CLD140 bulldozer adopts the SHANGCHAI branded 6135AK-8 engine that features the high torque reserve coefficient and low fuel consumption.
2. The main clutch belongs to the wet type, feature the multiple plate, bonding structure, stable performance and long service life.
3. The steering clutch features the dry type, multiple plate structure, ease of maintenance, hydraulic forced handle and stable performance.
4. The mechanical parts of the equipment is flexible in action and easy in maintenance.
5. The size of tracing wheel and the positions of tracing wheel, chain wheel and thrust wheel as well as the distribution of the center of weight are all well designed. For this reason, our product can work stably, powerfully and efficiently.

Technical Parameters
Engine CLD140
Type In line, single line, four cylinders, half-opened combustion cavity
Flywheel power 103KW
Rated rotary speed 1700r/min
No. of cylinder - cylinder diameter × stroke 6-Φ135×150mm
Starting method 24V 8.2kw Started by electric motor
Storage battery 6-Q-195 Aluminum plate 12V×2
Air filter K2640X-la Cyclone paper element filter
Minimum fuel consumption 230min
Transmission device
Hydraulic torque converter Wet type, multiple plate, Special bonded
Gearbox Spur wheel, splash lubrication, five forward gear and four backward gear
Center transmission device Spiral bevel gear, splash lubrication
Steering clutch Dry type, multiple plate, manual, hydraulic power
Steering braking device Dry type, belt braking, pedal operation
Final transmission device Five teeth wheel, secondary deceleration, splash lubrication
Running speed

1st 2st 3st 4st 5st
Move forward 2.72 3.88 5.83 8.42 11.72
Move backward 3.27 4.66 7.00 10.09
Working pressure 12Mpa
Rated flow rate 238L/min
Oil pump Gear pump
Handle valve Manual slide valve, optional operating handle
Oil cylinder: Cylinder diameter × Rod diameter × Stroke Φ100×Φ50×1010mm
Waking device  
Driving wheel Block type chain wheel
No. of load bearing wheel (one side) 5(3single, 2double)
Tensile force mechanism Oil expansion
Bulldozing plate form
Width × height(mm) 3200×1130
Maximum lifting height (mm) 1020
Maximum digging depth (mm) 360
Cutting angle (°) 53
Maximum lean angle (mm) ≥300
Bulldozing hopper capacity(m³) 4.1
Soil loosening device
Type Three teeth
Maximum digging depth 540mm
Maximum lifting height 320mm
Type Single tooth
Pitch 203
Width 1020
No. of plates (one side) 43
Grounding length 3114
Ground clearance ≥400
Center gap of tracks 2300