Road Roller YZ26

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Description of Road Roller:
A road roller or commonly referred to as a roller compactor, or just roller is a compactor type construction machinery/construction equipment applied to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations.
Features of Road Roller YZ26:
1. Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive, stepless speed regulating.
2. Double frequency & Double amplitude and super centrifugal force create strong compacting effect
3. Reasonable configuration, reliable performance and high working efficiency hydraulic components
4. Operator's station is designed for comfort and safety featured by fully-adjustable, suspension-mounted operator's seat.
5. Equipped with electronic monitor& digital density device to dynamic monitor compacting condition
Applications of Road Roller YZ26:
This Road Roller YZ26 is widely used to compress the surface being rolled to ensure a smooth, even result on the construction site such as road-making, runway of the airport, and building.
Working principle of Road Roller YZ26:
Road rollers use the weight of the vehicle to compress the surface being rolled.
Specifications of Road Roller YZ26:

Overall Dimension
1 Length 6540mm
2 Width(to outside of wheels) 2466mm
3 Height(To the top of the cab) 3385mm
4 Wheel base 3220mm
5 Length 1665mm
6 Min. ground clearance 456mm
Main Technical Specification
1 Static line force 782N/cm
2 Dynamic line force 2755 N/cm
3 Operating weight 26000kg
4 Big centrifugal Force Low frequency 27HZ 420kN
High amplitude 2.1mm
Small centrifugal Force High frequency 31HZ 290 kN
Low amplitude 1.1mm
5 Total stress force 77600(kg)
6 Static Weight at Drum 17000kg
7 Static Weight at Tires 9000kg
8 Min. turning radius(Outside of rear wheel) 7000mm
9 Dimension of smooth drum Drum diameter 1600mm
Drum width 2150mm
Drum thickness 50mm
12 Traveling speed(Km/h),3 forward &3 reverse

(1) 1st gear (F/R) 0~3.9
(2) 2nd gear (F/R) 0~5.36
(3) 3rd gear (F/R) 0~9.56
13 Gradient capacity 45%
Diesel engine
1 Model SDEC engine C6121ZG19
2 Type Direct injection, turbocharged,water cooling
3 Rated output 162kW
4 Total exhaust of cylinder 9.726 (L)
5 Rated speed 2200(r/min)
6 Max. Torque >843(N.m)
7 Starting type Electric
8 Min. specific fuel consumption 235(g/Kw.h)
9 Net weight 960(Kg)
Driving System
1 Model Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive
2 Type Drive pump +drive motor + reducer
3 Model of drive pump 90R100
4 Model of vibration driving motor +reducer Ratio of reducer 51D110+GFT26T2 62
5 Model of rear driving motor 51C110
6 System pressure 42MPa
Axle and Tire
1 Model of axle DANA193/67(made in German)
2 Type of main reducer Hypoid bevel gear, single stage
3 Gear ratio of main reducer 7.167
4 Type of final reducer Single stage planetary
5 Gear of ratio of final reducer 6
6 Dropbox ratio 1.524
7 Total ratios 65.532
7 Size of tire 23.1-26-12PR
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Model of vibratory pump 90R075
2 System pressure 420(kgf/cm2)
3 Model of vibratory motor 90M075
Steering System
1 Type Middle articulated frame. Full-hydraulic Steering
2 Model of steering pump SNP3/26
3 Model of Redirector BZZ1-E630C
4 System pressure 16MPa
5 Dimension of steering cylinder Ф90*45*280(mm)
Brake System
1 Type of traveling brake In general, traveling brake depend on static hydraulic tow of close-circuit hydraulic system Vibratory reducer with brake which control by a solenoid valve.
2 Type of parking brake Uderpressure brake automatic)
Oil Capacity
1 Fuel(diesel) 300 (L)
2 Engine lubricating oil 27.5 (L)
3 Oil for hydraulic system 170(L)
4 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 26 (L)
5 Oil for vibrating drum 3.2(L)
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