LTU45C Asphalt Paver

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The LTU45C asphalt paver is suitable for paving the road by using asphalt materials. It has been widely used for the construction of highway, urban road, plaza, and parking lots etc.

This machine adopts the mechanical-hydraulic drive and is equipped with double hydraulic stretching screed and automatic leveling sensing unit. LTU45C asphalt paver can pave the road with good leveling and high density. The vulnerable parts are made of advanced wearable material to secure the normal performance.

Type: Crawler

Paving Width (mm) 2500-4500
Paving Thickness (mm) 10-250
Traveling Speed (km/h) 1.55~4.62 km/h
Paving Speed (m/min) 2.03~6.07 m/min
Crown 4%
Smoothness 3mm/3m
Max. theoretical output (t/h) 220
Hopper capacity (t ) 10
Maximum climbing capacity 20%
Overall weight 11T
Overall Size 5820*4534*2994 (transportation size:5820*2494*2450)
Engine 4JR3AG7 water cooled 4 cylinder 55Kw/2000r/min
Diesel tank 118L

Drive System
The whole machine is powered by both the mechanical and the hydraulic system. The flywheel end of engine is connected to speed gearbox. The front end of engine, connected to split flow pumps, is used to supply power for the components as follows.
1. Crawler traveling device
2. Conveyor and auger
3. Tamper and vibrating device
4. Up and down movement of screed; overturning of hopper; other cylinder actions

Traveling Device
The traveling device is composed of speed gearbox, high and low ratio transfer case, traveling clutch, and chain drive. The driven chain wheel provides crawler with power.

Weight Bearing Mode
There are two crawlers in our asphalt paver. The touching ground area for each crawler is 2672×300mm.

Steering system
The traveling clutch is operated by means of hydraulic cylinder. The brake can make this engineering vehicle turn in-situ.

The hopper capacity is 10 tons and operated by hydraulic cylinder for entire discharge.

Push Roller
The roller can swing to push the truck rear wheels.

Left and right conveyors are independently driven. Conveyor clutch is controlled by hydraulic cylinder and driven by sprockets or chain wheel, and the auger will be powered to revolve.

Electrical System
The system is equipped with two batteries with 24V voltage.

The canopy is made with steel tube and cloth.

Automatic Leveling Sensor
This sensor has two longitudinal auto leveling unit that are mainly used for longitudinal automatic adjustment.

Working Devices
Screed Basic width 2500mm
Max. extension width 4500mm
Arch of max. paving 0-4%
Vibration frequency 0~50 Hz
Extended screed 1m 2 segments

LTU45C Paving material application
This LTU45C asphalt paver mainly uses the asphalt and roller-compacted concrete to pave the road for expressway and high grade road, urban roads, runway of airport, plaza and park.

1. This LTU45C asphalt paver adopts the 55KW Quancai engine from Anhui in China which can supply reliable power and be started in low temperature condition.

2. The L/R conveyor and auger can be operated independently. The auger can be extended mechanically while its blade is made of wearable material and can be easily replaced, which ensures its long service life.

3. All the control elements are centralized on operating platform for easy operation. This greatly improves the paving efficiency and guarantees pavement quality.

4. This LTU45C asphalt paver is applied with automatic leveling devices or self-leveling units so that the high-grade road smoothness can reach within 3mm/3m. It can be controlled timely and conveniently in an intuitionistic way. This machine can ensure the valid filling of asphalt, therefore reducing the construction cost.

5. The screed can be steplessly extended according to the paving status so as to save the assembly time of screed owing to width adjustment.

6. This thrust wheel of crawler adopts the floating and height adjustable structure to ensure its stable travel, so the paving planeness cannot be affected by unsmooth road base. The crawler device is composed of the forever lubricated thrust wheel and rubber crawler, thus exhibiting high durability and good adhesive force. Meanwhile, this crawler device is not easy to slip.

7. This fuel oil electrical cleaning system can reduce work intensity and make it convenient to clean.

8. The electronic system adopts advanced technology. All the controlled components and wires are numbered according to circuit diagram so that the errors can be immediately found and solved.

Key Parts
1. Water cooled engine: Quancai engine in Anhui, China famous brand.
2. Hydraulic vibrating motor: domestic brand, made by Tianjing hydraulic mechanical factory
3. Gearbox: domestic brand, from the second motorcar company
4. Control valves: domestic brand
5. Automatic leveling device: advanced domestic brand
6. High and low pressure reversing valve from Italy Atos Corporation.

Note: We reserve all rights about the technical specification changes due to the technology development. Please refer to the latest offer.