CLPS75 Versatile Paver

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

By absorbing the advanced technology, our company developed the CLPS75 versatile paver which is suitable for paving highway base and surface. This machine features high automation, easy operation and high efficiency, and is an ideal tool for the construction units. It is driven by the hydraulic system and is equipped with mechanically pieced screed, vibrator and double tamper. The vulnerable parts of the CLPS75 versatile paver are made of wearable materials to make sure their good performance.

Type: Crawler

Technical Specification
Paving Width (mm) 3000-7500
Paving Thickness (mm) 20-320
Traveling Speed (km/h) 0-2.9
Paving Speed (m/min) 0-19
Road Arch (%) 3
Hopper Capacity (t ) 14
Max. Theoretical output (t/h) 600
Overall Size 6314*3182*3990
Model D6114ZG1B
Type six cylinder water-cooled pressurization engine
Power 140kw/2300r/min
Capacity of Fuel Tank 345L

Driving System
The whole machine is hydraulically driven. The engine, which is connected to the gearbox, can drive all the hydraulic pumps to supply power to the following components.
1. Left & right crawlers traveling devices
2. Left & right conveyors
3. Left & right feeders
4. Double tamper
5. Vibrating devices
6. Hopper overturning, screed up & down, screed extension & withdrawal, pivot cylinder

Traveling Device
Controlled by microcomputer, the crawlers on both left and right side are independently driven by the hydraulic system. The traveling device is composed of variable motor and planet speed reducer of big ratio which are connected to each other as a whole and installed in the drive hub.

Weight Bearing Mode
Each crawler has ten bearing wheels without need lubrication and uses power accumulator for energy storage. The rubber patches are replaceable. The contact area for each crawler is 3247*320mm.

Brake of Parking
The hydraulic close disc brake is installed on each traveling planet speed reducer.

Turning potentiometer knob left or right can change the speed of the left and right crawler driving wheels to realize steering.

The hopper capacity can reach 14 tons. Hopper overturning is operated by hydraulic stroke cylinder for entire discharge.

Push Roller
The roller can push the truck rear wheels.

Conveyor System
The scraper is used to convey material. The conveyor soleplate is made of imported wearable steel plate.
Each scrape conveyor is equipped with respective hydraulic driving system and comprises pump, motor, speed reducer and chain transmission. The chain wheel offers power for the scraper.
The speed range for this system operation varies between 0 and 29m/min. The switches on the operation console can help realize its manual operation. The supersonic material sensor facilitates the realization of the auto-operation.

Feeder System
The blades of the screw or auger feeder used by this system are made of high wearable materials and are easily replaced.
Each screw feeder is equipped with independent closed hydraulic driving system and consists of variable displacement pump, motor, speed reducer and chain transmission device. The screw is driven to rotate by chain transmission device.
This operation speed of this system ranges from 0 to 100r/min. The switches on the operations console can achieve the three-step speed change. The supersonic material sensor can also help the auto-operation of this system.

Electric System
The system is equipped with S11 controller and two batteries. The voltage is 24V.

Automatic Leveling Unit
There are two longitudinal leveling units and one transverse automatic leveling unit for the automatic adjustment of the longitudinal and transverse level.

Working Devices
The screed, which is heated by gas, can be extended mechanically. The screed soleplate is made of imported wearable steel plate.

1. Screed
Screed basic width 3m
Max. paving width 7.5m
2. Double Tamper
Double Tamper impact stroke primary tamper 5mm
secondary tamper 6mm
pressure 28MPa
3. Vibration
Vibration pressure 20MPa
4. Extended screed
Extended screed 0.75m/4 segments 0.5m/2 segments 0.25m/2 segments

1. The CLPS75 versatile paver is driven by the hydraulic system and controlled by microcomputer with digital display and fault diagnosis Function.

2. The ultrasonic material sensors can control the right and left conveyors and feeders to make sure that the material can be automatically and evenly fed.

3. The auto leveling unit guarantees the smoothness of the road. There are two longitudinal leveling probes and one transverse automatic leveling probe amounted on this machine, which makes the road smoothness meet the demand of high-grade road. This machine can be timely and conveniently controlled in the intuitionistic way. This machine completely eliminates the problem of invalid filling, which reduces the construction cost.

4. This machine uses the high intensity screed, double tamper and vibrating device to ensure the paving efficiency.

5. The screed features anti-sinkage function.

6. This machine adopts Germany centralized lubrication system.

7. All key parts are imported from abroad.

8. The humanization design improves the operator comfort.

Key Parts
1. Pump and Motor: USA SAUER-DANFOSS and Germany Bosch-REXROTH
2. Hydraulic Hose Fittings: USA PARKER
3. Speed Reducer of Conveyor and Feeder: Italy RR
4. Transfer Case: Italy BREVINI
5. Centralized Lubrication: Germany
6. Microprocessor: S11 controller from USA
8. Switches & Fitting: Germany

Note: Please kindly refer to the latest offer issued by our company. We reserve all the rights about any changes of the technical specification as the technology development.