CLD165 Bulldozer

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The engine of CLD165 bulldozer has the high power reserve coefficient, strong output torque, low fuel consumption and reliable performance.
2. The transmission system adopts the hydraulic pressure to work. It is variable-frequent and automatic-controlled. There is no need to stop the machine to shift its gears by hand.
3. The machine is equipped with the roll-over protective device and falling object protective device.
4. The new three-level alarming and monitoring device belongs to the mechanical-electrical integral type. It can warn the operator of the risk.
5. The optional devices are numerous, such like air conditioning cab, warming pan, air heater, ether releaser, push-type broach, U type shovel, sanitation shovel, scarifier, ROPS-FOPS system.
6. Derivative products are numerous, like the enhanced bulldozer, carry scraper and pipelayer.

Technical Parameters
Engine CLD165
Type In line, four cylinder, water cooling, direct injection, turbo boost
Flywheel power 122KW
Rated rotary speed 1850r/min
No. of cylinder-cylinder diameter × stroke 6-Φ121×152mm
Starting method 24V 7.5kw started by electric motor
Storage battery 24V(12V×2)
Air filter Dry type, whirl pre-filtering device
Minimum fuel consumption 207(g/kw·h)
Transmission device  
Hydraulic torque converter Three elements, single level, single phase
Gearbox Manual, hydraulic gear shift, planetary gear, multiple plate clutch, pumping forced type lubrication
Center transmission device Spiral bevel gear, splash lubrication
Steering clutch Wet multiple plate clutch, spring compression, hydraulic pressure detachable
Steering braking device Wet type, hydraulic assistant handle, valve inside linkage
Final transmission device Straight gear. Secondary deceleration. Splash lubrication
Running speed  
  1st 2st 3st
Move forward 3.8 6.6 10.6
Move backward 4.9 8.5 13.6
Hydraulic pressure system 
Working pressure 14Mpa
Rated flow rate 243L/min
Oil pump Gear pump
Handle valve Hydraulic slide valve
Manual handle
Oil cylinder: Cylinder diameter × Rod diameter × Stroke Φ110×Φ65×1026mm
Waking device 
Driving wheel Block type chain wheel
No. of load bearing wheel (one side) 6 (4 single, 2 double)
Tensile force mechanism Oil expansion
Bulldozing plate form Half U Shovel / Angular shovel / U Type shovel
Width × height(mm) 3416×1150 / 4050×1050 / 3350×1150
Maximum lifting height (mm) 1090 / 1110 / 1090
Maximum digging depth (mm) 530 / 530 / 530
Cutting angle (°) 55 / 55 / 55
Maximum lean angle (mm) 860 / / / 860
Bulldozing hopper capacity(m³) 4.5 / 4.5 / 5.6
Soil loosening device
Type Three teeth
Maximum digging depth 572
Maximum lifting height 492
Type Sealing type, single tooth
Pitch 203.2
Width 560
No. of plates (one side) 37
Grounding length 2430
Ground clearance 400
Center gap of tracks 1880