Wheel Loader ZL18H

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Description of Wheel Loader ZL18H:
Wheel Loader is a type of construction machinery (engineering vehicle/construction equipment), usually wheeled, that has a front mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two booms (arms). Wheel Loader ZL18H consists of reliable Cummins engine, 2 forward & 2 reverse power shift transmission, combined seal cylinder which obtains high seal performance and more reliability.

Features of Wheel Loader ZL18H:
1. Excellent performance, great power, less malfunction
2. Bottom heavy design, stability and suitable for all kinds of construction environment
3. With hydraulic steering system, compact structure, small size, energy saving, easy to maintain

Applications of Wheel Loader ZL18H:
As a kind of construction machinery (construction equipment), wheel Loaders are used to scoop up and transport loose material from the ground, such as dirt, sand or gravel, and move it from one place to another without pushing the material across the ground.

Specifications of Wheel Loader ZL18H:
Overall Dimension
1 Length(with bucket on ground) 5710(mm)
2 Width(to outside of wheels) 2010(mm)
3 Bucket width 2070(mm)
4 Height(To the top of the cab) 2975(mm)
5 Wheel base 2300(mm)
6 Tread 1600(mm)
7 Min. ground clearance 342(mm)
Main Technical Specification
1 Rated load 1800(Kg)
2 Operating weight 6550KG
3 Rated bucket capacity 1.0(m3)
4 Max. breakout force 57kN
5 Max. dump clearance 2520(mm)
6 Dump reach 960(mm)
7 Dump angle at any position ≥45°
8 Digging depth(with bucket bottom horizontal) 146(mm)
9 Max. turning radius

(1) Outside of bucket 4850(mm)
(2) Center of rear wheel 4420(mm)
10 Pivot angle frame 38±1°
11 Oscillating angle of rear axle ±11°
12 Lifting time of bucket ≤5(sec.)
13 Lowering time of bucket ≤3.2(sec.)
14 Dumping time ≤2 (sec.)
15 Traveling speed(Km/h),2 forward and 2 reverse

(1) 1st gear forward 5.75
(2) 2nd gear forward 23.86
(3) 1st gear reverse 5.85
(4) 2nd gear reverse 24
Diesel engine
1 Model Cummins B3.3
2 Type Direct injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling
3 Rated output 60 (kW)
4 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 95 /115(mm)
5 Total exhaust of cylinder 3.3(L)
6 Voltage of starting motor 12/24 (V)
7 Rated speed 2200(r/min)
8 Max. Torque 259(N.M)
9 Starting type Electric
10 Min. specific fuel consumption 225(g/Kw.h)
11 Net weight 255(kg)
Transmission System
1.Torque Converter
2 Type 3-elements.single stage
3 Torque ratio 3.06
4 Cooling type Pressure oil circulating
2.Transmission case
2 Type power shift, spur gear constantly in mesh
3 Gear shift position 2 Forward and 2 reverse gears
4 Model of walking pump CBG1016(counterclockwise)
3.Axle and Tire
1 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear, single stage
2 Gear ratio of main reducer 5.83
3 Type of final reducer Single stage planetary
4 Gear of ratio of final reducer 5.6
5 Gear ratio 32.66
6 Size of tire 16/70-24-10PR
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Model of working pump CBG 1016
2 System pressure 160(kgf/cm2)
3 Model of distribution valve ZS1-L20E-T-30
4 Priority-valve YXL-F160L-N7
5 (D*L)Dimension of lifting cylinder Ф90*50*548(mm)
6 (D*L)Dimension of tilting cylinder Ф110*63*409(mm)
Steering System
1 Type Middle articulated frame. Full-hydraulic Steering
2 Model of steering pump CBG 1032
3 Model of steering gear BZZ5-315+FKAR-1253016
4 System pressure 125(kgf/cm2)
5 Dimension of steering cylinder Ф63*45*320(mm)
Brake System
1 Type of traveling brake Air over oil activate 4 wheel brake with caliper disc brake
2 Air pressure 5.9~7.9kgf/cm2)
3 Type of parking brake Hand brake
Flexible shaft control clamp brake
Oil Capacity
1 Fuel(diesel) 110(L)
2 Engine lubricating oil 16(L)
3 Oil for converter and gear box 20(L)
4 Oil for hydraulic system 100(L)
5 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 26(L)
6 Oil for brake 1.5(L)
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